U.S. Best Repair Service, Inc. preps for Property Preservation & REO Repairs Expansion

IRVINE, California, January 23, 2012 — Property Preservation & REO Repair industry leader, U.S. Best Repair Service, Inc., announced today the completion of a six month long process of adding over 600 new fully trained sub-contractors to its national work force. What started 14 years ago as a small handyman repair business, has grown into a large national property preservation company serving a multitude of clients with service across the United States and outlying territories such as Guam and Puerto Rico.

With the addition of these vendors and continuous training and growth in our national work force, the Vendor Recruitment Department’s training program continues to ensure all orders are completed thoroughly and with the utmost quality. Sam Tucci, Business Development & Recruitment Manager for U.S. Best Repair Service, Inc. states that “The new system is incredible. Over the course of a year we have streamlined our recruiting and training processes to develop the greatest possible vendor network available both current and future clients.”

While speaking with U.S. Best Repair Service, Inc. CEO Mark Zaverl, about these advancements, it was immediately clear that the company was built on superior customer service and “the human element.” When speaking with the management team about the newest technologies and systems integrated with U.S. Best Repair Service, Inc. personnel to streamline the process of getting results back faster to their clients, Mark Zaverl stated “We need the systems in place for the client, but the people who operate these systems are what make this company successful, and we will never replace people with systems.”

It’s estimated that between employees, direct vendors and individuals employed by direct vendors, nearly 30,000 Americans are working throughout the United States directly and indirectly for US Best Repair Service, Inc. with the common goal being to provide the best possible field solution for each and every client.

For more information please contact:

Sam Tucci
Phone: (888) 750-BEST ext. 7223
Email: Sam@USBestRepairs.com
Website: http://www.USBestRepairs.com

Development team of USBest

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