U.S. Best Repair Service, Inc. Top 10 List of Code Enforcement Violations

National Property Preservation Company U.S. Best Repair Service, Inc. Top 10 List of Must Know Code Enforcement Violations

IRVINE, CA, February 29, 2012 – U.S. Best Repair Service, Inc. delivers their top 10 list of code enforcement violations for property preservation servicers in a move to abate safety risks and costs of curing citations.   Below are some of the top violations, which include everything from smoke detectors to swimming pools. 

In most cases, investigation of code violations and enforcement action happen when a citizen reports a potential violation.  Property preservation companies are on the look-out for potential violations with the properties they service and contact their clients to address the issue and cure the violation.

Be sure to take a look at some of the most common code violations property preservation companies like U.S. Best Repair Service, Inc. come across.  As a general rule, all current or potential safety hazards should be remediated immediately to protect people and property.  Additionally, it’s a good idea to hire a professional contractor for anything that can’t or shouldn’t be done on your own. 


Property Preservation Top 10 Code Violations Tip Sheet


  1. Overgrown Conditions of Vegetation 
  • Height requirements for grass and weeds can range from 2 to 12 inches depending on local codes.  Tall or bushy vegetation has also been cited, especially when near streets and driveways.


  1. Debris, Trash & Personal Property
  • Although one man’s junk may be another man’s treasure, many violations have been cited due to the accumulation or abandonment of debris, trash and personal property.  The storage of debris could result in dangerous, unhealthy or unsanitary conditions.


  1. Missing or inoperable Smoke & CO Detectors
  • Many counties require that smoke detectors be placed near or in all bedrooms. Always check local code to see what detectors are needed at home or in the office.


  1. Broken Windows
  • Many counties require that windows are in good repair and weather-tight.  It’s always important to make sure a property is secure.


  1. Swimming Pools
  • Unsecured swimming pools are risky safety issues that must be corrected immediately.  Is the pool fenced off?  Are all gates locked?  Should an approved safety cover be installed?


  1. Lack of improper Ground Fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) Outlets
  • As a rule of thumb, electrical outlets need GFCI protection when located by kitchen counters, in bathrooms, when within 6 feet of interior sinks, and when located outdoors.


  1. Wall Violations
  • Interior and exterior walls are generally required to be protected from the elements and should be painted or sealed. 


  1. Exterior Safety
  • Keep on the lookout for safety hazards such as broken walkways (trip hazards), missing hand rails and loose or bare wiring. 


  1. Non-permitted structures
  • It’s important to obtain the required permits when building structures or additions on or to a property.  Many times entire sections of non-permitted structures are cited for removal and may be very costly to correct or demolish. 


  1. Improper Storage. 
  • Abandoned vehicles such as cars and boats may be the biggest offenders of improper storage.  Other items are cited as being “an excessive amount” or “eyesores” and may consist of furniture, construction materials and supplies.


Here are a few links to some very helpful code violation resources:


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