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Over the course of a year, BPS has had the pleasure of working with J.C., Nicole and Khang on many projects with the properties we service through U.S. Best Repairs.  They have all been very pleasant to work with, helpful and nearly always available when we have questions about bids or work orders. They have provided us with valuable insight and training on the property preservation industry standards.
We have worked with several other REO / Property Preservation companies, and I can say that without question, these three always make our job easier by ensuring excellent customer service to us and the client, compared to their competitors.  In our market, our work and reputation is what makes us or breaks us, and because of the quality and integrity of work that is expected of all U.S. Best Repair Contractors, we feel honored to be representing them in the field.

Thank you J.C., Nicole & Khang for setting the high standards in the property preservation field services industry!  We appreciate you.

Greg & Cassandra B. Vendor, Fillmore, MO

I have developed a great relationship with US BEST REPAIRS, as they have not only been a great company to work for they have personally changed my life and my family. I have devoted my company to the fullest capacity full time to the service for US BEST REPAIRS to represent them to my fullest.

However I did not do it alone I have two direct state coordinators that are very fair, supportive, honest, and of great integrity. I can say they have groomed me in a special way. Dave and Shay are two solid leaders that I would work for anywhere. I trust them as they care not just for me, but also for my workers and my family. The leadership within US BEST REPAIRS is the type of leadership that is looked upon as the American dream. This company gives you that edge to have a second chance. I support and endorse this because I am that person that had a second chance, thanks to these two state coordinators who are also my friend’s thanks.

James K. Vendor, Catonsville, MD

It is my pleasure to write this letter on behalf of the professionalism and work ethic of Mr. Darrel W. I began working with Darrel about 2 months ago when I took over the Kentucky State Coordinator position for the FHA team. At that time the status of the Kentucky workload was very unorganized and out of control. Upon my “arrival into Kentucky”, immediately Darrel and I became acquainted with each other’s work style and created a systematic strategy to get things under control. As state coordinator, I offered him best practices, ways to itemize and detail the bids for HUD, how to bid on roof issues and other emergency repairs, and in turn, Darrel offered me great assistance in getting work completed on properties that other contractors could not/would not complete. Upon arrival to a property if there was an emergency repair to be completed, Darrel would call me right then and there, in an effort to immediately address emergency issues (for instance, a flooded basement or a leaking roof). He always responded to my emails and correspondence in a timely manner, whether it was providing bid revisions, supporting photos, or details per HUD’s request. Darrel definitely displays a willingness to learn and excel. He always wants to know ways he can improve, and not only does he inquire, but once he receives the information, he acts on it.

Darrel was definitely a pleasure to work with, and I would love the opportunity to work with him again in the future. He embodies the essence of professionalism, service, and timeliness.

Ashley R. State Coordinator for a large national bank

We cannot possibly express how thrilled we were with the total US Best Repair experience! Throughout the project we received excellent management skills from head office and felt that all of the individual contractors on site were providing a high quality workmanship.  It is obvious to us that US Best Repairs are very selective in utilizing people whose level of skill is above average, well-known and trusted.

Kyle superbly orchestrated the job from the start with an on time and on budget finish. Over the course of the project, as well as after completion, US Best Repairs were always accessible. We enthusiastically recommend them to anyone and look forward to working with Kyle and his team again of future projects.

Shelley F. Frontline Florida Realty

Thank you Wes and Andrew. Although we all are doing our jobs, I wanted to let you all know that I appreciate You and the GREAT JOBS that you do. I never have an issue with you. I never have to ask more than once for what I need… (on the very few times that I do  have to ask  for anything) . You guys are Wonderful, thanks, and Keep up the Good Work!

Creston State Coordinator for a large national bank

Just wanted to say thanks for always having your work in on time and correct!

Tracy O. FHA loan State Coordinator for a large national bank

Thank you Victoria. I just want to thank you for all your help in getting started with US Best. Working with you has indeed been a pleasure. You are a credit to your company. I look forward to building a long and lasting relationship with the team at US Best. Thank you again.

Gus O. Vendor - Kentucky

Favorite vendor? …and you can add to that: most effective coordinator…especially with the quantity of Work Orders I funnel through you to keep my operations running.
In all honesty, you’re cordial, pleasant, efficient and dependable on many levels of interaction, you have a contagious personality that eases the frustration of any situation…you are prompt, honest and always seemingly viewing things from our perspective, with our good interests in mind…which in turn creates a strong, trustworthy relationship that we can (and do) rely on.  Your professional demeanor is one that is not only most welcomed in times of crisis, but also most knowledgeable and efficient when action and resolution needs to be taken. I can recall on a couple of occasions when my world was so overwhelmed, that an unexpected follow-up reminder email on the status of something you were waiting for follow up on “from me” (that was forgotten in the wake of my crisis), reminded me of something that needed my attention but was lost in the wake of my overwhelm… which in turned saved me from further problems. Please don’t take this out of context…there are numerous scenario’s that you performed that are most appreciated in times of need…but just know, the little things don’t go unnoticed either, and there have been times as small as they are, they were helpful in our quest to keep things running.

You are always cooperative, you take the initiative in times of crisis, and your communication style (both verbal and email) are concise and effective with a pleasant flair of personality. Quite frankly, it there was a way to have 10 Audrey’s in charge of the various contractors I deal with on a daily basis…I would be the first in line… actually, I am a bit taken at the fact that this goes unnoticed?  Please know, it does not go unnoticed from my end.  I appreciate the relationship & the efficiency we have.

Ed C. Work Order Support for a large national client

Dave, I just wanted to let you know that at first I was hesitant about having a new state coordinator because I had only worked with Adam but you are awesome to work with.  You do a good job and you are very helpful when I need it.  Thanks again.

Melina W. Vendor Manager

I just wanted to say thank you for having all orders complete. And for trying to stay on top of them when a late order comes up. I have seen very few late orders in the past couple months from you, and I wanted to let you know I appreciate it. Thank you.

Ryan H. FHA loan State Coordinator for a large national bank

Thank you for the prompt turnaround and diligent efforts on the Virginia damage assessments completed this morning. Your professionalism and timeliness are greatly appreciated!

Burrell J. Alternate Project Manager

Good Day US Best, I just wanted to take a minute and let you know how much we appreciate all of your help.  With follow ups and turning in work orders in a timely manner and assisting with getting all these work orders in with the (computer) system giving us issues.  We really appreciate your hard work and we appreciate you.
Please let me know if you could use more work.  I would be happy to send it your way.

Daniel Y. State Coordinator for a large national bank